Snow Kingdom in Mumbai

Snow Kingdom in Mumbai, R City Mall, Ghatkopar

Welcome to the most amazing and coolest place the Snow Kingdom in Mumbai. Yes, you heard it right. Let's take a drive towards the Snow Kingdom away from the hot sunny climate of Mumbai. Give a walk through all the activities featured at the Snow Kingdom.

Snow World in Mumbai

Really one can enjoy holidays and vacation by visiting the Snow Kingdom at Ghatkopar West. Visit the place where never visited before and gather the memorable moments. If you are in Mumbai grab a chance and visit the Snow Kingdom at R City Mall. Experience the cool environment feeling like visited Switzerland.

Snow Kingdom in Mumbai


Cool and freeze are the most needed climate in Mumbai due to its humid weather throughout the year except monsoon. Why not head down to the coolest place at the Snow Kingdom with cheerful snowfall. Come with your family to enjoy the complete bloom of snow. Enjoy the real snowfall all over the surrounding area and get the feel of Switzerland in India itself. Don't miss the chance to spend time on a complete white cover of snow all around.

Snow Fight

Explore the chilly and beautiful look of the Snow Kingdom along with your group. Make snowballs and have a great fight with your loved ones. No worries about the extreme coldness, we provide with gloves and best suit that can resist the cold. It is the definite place to hang out when in Mumbai.

Sleds and slides

The main attraction of the Snow Kingdom is hanging around the Snow Slides and sleds. When it comes to sleds, first thing comes in mind huge surface cover with snow. If your kid till now hasn't experienced, let them do it now. Bored on regular slides, then go for snow slides. Feel the joy of sliding through the slippery snow from the snow slides. We take care of all the safety measures that need to be considered when a kid is with us speeding on snow with sleds.

Igloos, Snowmen, Penguins

Enjoy the spectacular view of the Snow Kingdom and most importantly kids enjoying themselves in the snow region. One always dreamed to have a glance of Igloos, here not only a glance but can discover the complete Igloo with the beauty of snow around. Take plenty of snaps and pictures from inside out of the Igloos. At one spot will feel like hanging in a hilly snowy region. The reason concerning Penguins and Snowmen beautifully placed in the region. One can have a huge collection of photographs in the new scenic place.

Rope beckons

The Snow Kingdom is incomplete without some adventurous activities. So here the Snow Kingdom is inculcated with some adventurous activities. Take an experience of climbing a snow mountain, and have a similar demo of climbing Himalayas. Explore even more by going over mountains cliffs with complete snow cover. Everything is well structured included full safety.

DJ & Dance

Love to dance? This is the place to beat your feet on the snow land. Dance on the famous songs played on the DJ. We have the best DJ operators. Multicolored glazing lights will take your attention. Dance lovers will hit like after a one time visit.  

Along with these top attractions, birthday party, events, engagement event, anniversary celebrations and more can also be arranged.